A drawing of a brain that someone is erasing with the words, "work injuries and memory loss."

An average day at work can turn into a nightmare when you are injured on the job. Whether a machine malfunctions, a coworker is negligent, or you have a slip-and-fall accident, the event and injuries can be traumatic. The trauma is compounded when you try to claim compensation but have trouble recollecting the accident.

Work Injuries and Memory Loss

Traumatic events often result in partial or full memory loss of the event due to sustained injuries. Here are some reasons for memory loss due to a work accident:

Head Injuries or Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI)

TBI can result in short- or long-term memory loss as well as the loss of fine motor skills or cognitive reasoning. TBI can damage the parts of the brain used for learning and remembering. People who have suffered a head injury or TBI may have a tough time recollecting memories or remembering to do tasks in the future, such as keeping appointments. Individuals who have suffered from moderate or severe TBI often do not remember the incident surrounding the injury.


Individuals whose injuries require immediate surgery often suffer from partial memory loss. This is often a side effect of anesthesia. About one-third of patients who go under anesthesia suffer from some kind of cognitive impairment at the time of their discharge.

Emotional Trauma

Stress or trauma can cause the brain to repress memories of the traumatic event to protect you from further emotional harm. Many individuals involved in a horrific accident cannot remember details, such as the events leading up to it, the noise, how many people were involved, etc.

The good news is that memory loss as a result of your injuries from the accident does not make it impossible to get the compensation you deserve. While it may be a bit more challenging, having an experienced and driven attorney, such as the team from the Hernandez Law Group, P.C. It is important for you to contact our team as soon as possible so that our team can get to work collecting the evidence and witness statements to help make your case successful. Contact our experienced team today for a free no-obligation consultation and find out why more individuals are turning to the Hernandez Law Group for help!