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Tire Safety: Protecting You and Your Family On Texas Roads

A closeup photo of a tire with the words, "tire safety."

Thousands of cars drive on Texas roadways at any given point during the day. Car owners have a responsibility to ensure their vehicles are equipped to handle all kinds of travel. Most people know that routine car maintenance involves checking the oil, ensuring the car lights and windshield wipers work properly, and filling the car […]

Who’s at Fault in a Multi-Vehicle Pileup?

Three cars crashed into each other on the road with the words multi vehicle pileup fault

In addition to the dramatic pileups that make the evening news, smaller accidents involving three, four, or five cars happen across the state of Texas every day. Because many vehicles are involved in these accidents, establishing fault is tricky. If you are wondering who might be at fault for your multi-vehicle pileup, this guide from […]

How to Obtain a Car Accident Police Report in Texas

A destroyed car after an auto accident above the words "Obtaining Car Accident Police Reports"

The aftermath of a car wreck is a stressful time and you may need to take steps before the whole process is over. While it is not usually necessary to obtain a car accident police report on your own, you may want it for your files or other purposes. Fortunately, after you go through the […]

Reducing Accident Risk to Pedestrians and Drivers During Bad Weather

A car driving in snow with the words, "Severe weather increases accident risk to pedestrians and drivers."

Texas isn’t known for its severe winters. While the state does typically experience a few weeks of frigid temperatures, the winters are generally mild. However, due to global warming, weather patterns have been drastically changing around the globe. Texas experienced this first-hand last year during the harsh snowstorm and significant drop in temperatures that left […]

How Truck Driver Shortages Affect Road Safety

A car accident with the words, "truck driver shortages and road safety."

The United States has seen a sudden and rather alarming change to its economy over the past two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic. From industries being shut down to protect workers and employees being let go due to a significant decrease in business to the worker shortage being faced at this moment, the United […]

Navigating Aggressive Texas Drivers

A person clutching the wheel of a car with the words, "what is aggressive driving?"

It’s a hectic Monday morning. You are running late for work, your child missed the bus so now you have to run them to school, and you are pretty sure you left your coffee sitting on the counter at home. Already aggravated, you get even more upset when the car in the lane next to […]

Common Causes of Rollover Accidents

A car rolled over with the words, "common causes of rollover accidents."

Car accidents are a common occurrence on Texas roads. According to the latest car accident report published by the Texas Department of Transportation, in 2020, the city of Dallas experienced 31,976 car accidents, Fort Worth experienced 12,796 accidents, and Arlington experienced 5,909 accidents.  While the most common of these accidents are rear-end collisions, side-swipes, and head-on […]

Who Is Responsible for An Accident Caused By a Defective Car Part?

A car accident with the words, "defective car parts in accidents."

When most individuals think of car accidents, they often think that it is an error on the part of the driver. However, sometimes the fault does not lie with the driver and, instead, was caused by a faulty car part. Consumers trust car manufacturers and sellers to sell cars with parts that were properly designed […]

Most Common 18-Wheeler Truck Accident Injuries

An 18-wheeler with the words, "common 18-wheeler accident injuries."

Sadly, car accidents are a common occurrence on Texas roadways. Most of these accidents involve regular-sized vehicles such as pickup trucks, four-door sedans, SUVs, and minivans. While these accidents do have the potential to be serious and deadly, many of them are minor fender benders that allow both drivers and passengers to walk away with […]