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What Is Motorcycle Lane Splitting?

Two motorcyclist driving between cars with the words, "What Is Motorcycle Lane Splitting?"

Whether you are the driver of a motor vehicle or a motorbike, one thing both parties can agree on is that traffic is the bane of the driving experience. Nothing is worse than wanting to get home from a long day at work or heading out for that much-needed vacation to only spend a long, […]

Poor Road Maintenance Caused My Accident; Can I Sue the City?

A gavel is sitting on a desk with a car key.

Car accidents are sadly commonplace in the state of Texas. In 2021, Texas experienced 15,764 serious injury crashes that resulted in 19,448 individuals sustaining serious injuries. While a majority of these accidents are often caused by individuals making poor decisions on the road such as speeding or not checking their blind spots when merging lanes, […]

Do I Need to Replace My Car Seat After an Accident?

A picture of a carseat with the words, "do I need to replace my car seat after an accident?"

Car seats are an important tool for every single parent of small children and infants. They protect children from being thrown or seriously injured in the event of an accident by safely locking them in place. According to a study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 325 children under the age of five are […]

Why Are Insurance Companies Biased Towards Motorcycles?

A bunch of motorcycles with the words, "Are Insurance Companies Biased Against Motorcycles?"

Why Are Insurance Companies Biased Against Motorcyclists? Insurance companies are great at making it seem like they put the public and their clients first. But anyone who’s been in an accident knows this is rarely true. After all, insurance companies are businesses first and foremost. They aim to pay out as little money as possible […]

What to Do If My Child Was Hurt in a School Bus Accident

A child sitting on an examination table with a band-aid on his knee with words that say, child was injured school bus accident.

Parents trust the school system to keep their children safe during the school year. This trust begins as soon as that child steps onto the school bus. While accidents at the school itself are more common, such as a fall during recess or twisted ankle in PE, school bus accidents are often the site of […]

Liability for a T-Bone Accident

A t-bone accident with the words, liability for a t-bone accident.

You are on your way to work, listening to your favorite song. As you come to an intersection, the stoplight turns yellow. Since you are close enough to the line, you decide to keep going forward. Suddenly, you feel a jolt and your car swerves—another vehicle has struck you from the side! Dazed, you realize […]

How to Prevent Motorcycle Accidents

A motorcycle on its side with the words, preventing motorcycle accidents.

Motorcycle accidents have a very high risk of resulting in serious injury or death. As the number of drivers on the road continues to increase, so does the number of motorcycle accidents. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Motorcyclists and drivers can both take preventative measures to decrease the rate of motorcycle accidents. […]

Car Accident Diminished Value Claims in Texas

Two gentlemen checking the damage of a rear-end collision with the words, car accident diminished value.

Damage from a car accident significantly lowers the value of the vehicle as the reliability and the integrity of the car are reduced. In the state of Texas, you can claim compensation for the diminished value of your car. This article outlines the specifics for a car accident diminished value claim in Texas. What Is […]

Tire Safety: Protecting You and Your Family On Texas Roads

A closeup photo of a tire with the words, "tire safety."

Thousands of cars drive on Texas roadways at any given point during the day. Car owners have a responsibility to ensure their vehicles are equipped to handle all kinds of travel. Most people know that routine car maintenance involves checking the oil, ensuring the car lights and windshield wipers work properly, and filling the car […]