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Dallas Drunk Driving Statistics

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The Texas Department of Transportation publishes yearly statistics regarding car accidents that occur within the state in hopes of raising awareness. To help in the effort of promoting safe driving on the roads of Dallas, Texas, here are the latest released statistics of the 2018 year: Overview of Car Accidents in Dallas, Texas Out of […]

18-Wheeler Accident Facts and Statistics

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Eighteen-wheelers are the king of the roads. In the United States, about 3 million semi-trucks take to the roads each year. Each of these impressive machines can be anywhere from 70 to 80 feet long and weigh up to 80,000 pounds. Many drivers give them plenty of room, allowing them to get to their destination […]

Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Accident

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Car accidents can happen anywhere and to anyone. When you are in an accident involving an uninsured or underinsured driver, you may be scrambling trying to figure out your options to cover damages for your car and medical expenses for any injuries you sustained. Here are a few options available to drivers who were involved […]

Intoxication Assault in Car Accidents

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Drinking and driving is a dangerous decision. Alcohol slows down an individual’s reflexes, affects an individual’s reasoning, and inhibits an individual’s ability to focus. When someone decides to drive home after drinking, they are not only putting their own lives at risk but the lives of others on the road. If they were to get […]

The High Cost of Distracted Driving

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Imagine this: you’re driving home from work and all you have on your mind is cuddling up on your couch with a good tv show or book, a warm blanket, and a hot beverage when you get home. You come to a stop at a red light, but the driver behind you fails to stop. […]

Neck Pain After Being Hit in a Rear End Collision

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Rear-end collisions are common and can occur anywhere, from bumper-to-bumper traffic to stop lights or signs. Rear-end collisions make up about 40% of all car accidents. Neck pain after a rear-end collision is common, but in some cases, it could be pointing to a serious injury. How can you tell whether your neck pain is […]

Back Pain After a Car Accident

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Back pain is common after a car accident, as the force of impact can jostle the vehicle’s occupants. It can be difficult to know whether or not your back pain is normal or the indication of a more serious injury. Here are some tips on how to know if your back pain is an indication […]

18 Wheeler Accident Procedures

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According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), in 2017, there were 450,000 police-reported accidents involving 18-wheelers in the United States. Out of those 450,000 accidents, 4,327 of them were fatal, and 344,000 of them resulted in injury. Large businesses use 18-wheelers to move their products around the United States. When these large vehicles […]

Liability for a T-Bone Accident

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You are on your way to work, listening to your favorite song. As you come to an intersection, the stoplight is turning yellow. Since you are close enough to the line, you decide to keep your speed and go through the light. Suddenly, you are jolted and your car begins to swerve because another vehicle […]

How to Prevent Motorcycle Accidents

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Motorcycle accidents have a very high risk of resulting in serious injury or death. As the number of drivers on the road has increased over recent years, so has the number of motorcycle accidents. Both motorcyclists and drivers can take preventative measures to decrease the rate of motorcycle accidents. Following the four safety protocols detailed […]