Caution tape blocks a hazardous area at a business

Slips, Trips & Falls

Each year, many Texans suffer injuries from slips, trips, and falls in shopping centers, restaurants, parking lots, apartment buildings, and other properties belonging to someone else. These unfortunate accidents are often due to the property owner’s negligence or willful disregard for safety.

Slips, trips, and falls may cause severe bodily harm and result in chronic pain, lost wages, and costly medical treatment. When Dallas property owners fail to fix or warn others about potentially dangerous conditions on their property, they may be held liable for injuries on their property under Texas premises liability law.

If you have sustained injuries due to hazardous property conditions, you may be entitled to compensation from the property owner through a slips, trips, and falls accident claim. Seeking legal counsel before filing a claim can increase your chances of receiving maximum compensation for your injuries.

Dallas Slips, Trips, and Falls Accidents and Injuries

Falls caused by slipping on slippery floors or tripping on uneven surfaces are some of the most common causes of Dallas personal injury claims. Slips, trips, and falls may result from any variety of unsafe property conditions, including:

  • Unmarked wet floors
  • Inadequate ice or snow removal
  • Uneven flooring
  • Broken or missing steps
  • Cracked or partially missing sidewalks
  • Poor lighting

While some victims of slips, trips, and falls accidents are fortunate enough to walk away with minor bruises and scratches, many suffer serious injuries including spinal cord and brain injuries, back injuries, and broken or fractured bones. Even victims of seemingly minor accidents may suffer from intense physical pain and financial losses because of their injuries.

Proving Fault in Slips, Trips, and Falls Accidents

Texas premises liability laws require property owners to use reasonable care to maintain safe property conditions. When property owners fail to do this, they may be held liable for damages suffered in an accident on their property.

However, proving fault in slips, trips, and falls accidents is difficult without an attorney. You must that the property owner or someone employed by the owner caused the condition that in turn caused your accident or that the owner or an employee had actual knowledge of the hazardous condition, but failed to fix it or warn others of the hazard. Our experienced team will investigate the accident scene, talk to eyewitnesses, and gather other evidence to build a strong case against the property owner.

Experienced Dallas Slips, Trips, and Falls Lawyers

Injuries from slips, trips, and falls can radically change the course of your life. At Juan Hernandez Law, we understand the emotional, physical, and financial repercussions suffered by our clients. If you or a loved one has suffered injuries in a slips, trips, and falls accident on someone else’s property, contact our experienced Dallas Personal Injury Lawyers today to discuss your case.

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