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Service Dog Laws in Abilene, Texas

A service dog is guiding his master with the words, laws for service dogs.

Service dogs give their owners the freedom to explore the world around them without fear. These furry companions serve their owners by providing sight, hearing, and mobility assistance. They even alert owners to changes in their health and are essential to their well-being. Unfortunately, people abuse the laws protecting service dogs and sometimes try to […]

What is Considered Provoking a Dog?

A person about to hit a dachshund while the dog is snarling at them

Dogs are considered to be man’s best friend which makes it that much more surprising when a dog suddenly becomes aggressive and bites someone. Dog bites can lead to serious injuries, and in some cases, emotional trauma. However, determining who’s at fault for the dog bite – the victim or the dog owner – depends […]

Severe Emotional Trauma Following a Dog Bite

A dog biting a person

Dogs are known as man’s best friend thanks to their loyalty, undying devotion to their owners and families, and the happiness that their presence brings. Many people love a dog’s companionship, but there are some who feel the opposite. They might fear a dog’s power, unpredictable nature, or the possibility of being bitten. Dog bites […]