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How to Prove Actual Knowledge in a Texas Slip and Fall

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Slip-and-fall accidents occur when someone slips or falls on another person’s property. These accidents can be caused by slick conditions, such as a freshly mopped floor, or an unforeseen hazard, such as a wire that wasn’t properly buried in the ground. Individuals injured in a slip-and-fall accident may have a legal claim against the property […]

Examples of Negligent Security in Texas

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Negligent security, also known as inadequate security, is a legal term that describes a property owner’s failure to fulfill their duty of ensuring a tenant’s or visitor’s safety. Unlike other personal injury cases where the victim is injured due directly to the negligent party’s actions, such as in a car accident where the at-fault driver […]

Injuries Associated With Slip and Fall Accidents

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Whether it was slick conditions, such as ice on the stairs, or a spill at a supermarket, slip and fall accidents can be embarrassing and cause serious injuries. And, they are one of the most common types of personal injury cases that fall under premises liability law. Texas State law protects individuals injured on another […]

How to Prove Negligent Security

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Typically, when an individual thinks about premises liability, they often think about slip and fall accidents or swimming pool accidents. One of the biggest areas of premises liability is negligent security. Negligent security claims are often horrific and carry heavy emotional trauma for the victim, as they often involve violent crimes such as sexual assaults […]

What Is the Attractive Nuisance Doctrine?

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In a court of law, children are not deemed responsible for their actions. Young children do not have the same respect and caution for potentially hazardous materials as older children and adults. Therefore, it is everyone’s duty to protect young children from potentially hazardous and easily avoidable situations. This duty is outlined in the attractive […]

Swimming Pool Safety Tips for Summer Fun in Abilene

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As the summer quickly approaches, so do the anticipation and thrill of taking that first leap into a nice cool pool. Swimming pools are a summer favorite and the perfect place to enjoy the beauty of nature while escaping from the hot Texas sun. However, while swimming pools are inviting and a source of a […]

Questions to Ask Your Premises Liability Attorney

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Premises liability is a legal sector that covers the various accidents that occur on someone else’s property. By law, property owners, whether residential or commercial, have a responsibility to keep their property safe for visitors. This is often done by ensuring that the property is well-maintained and any issues are repaired adequately to ensure the […]

Do I Have A Premises Liability Case?

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If you were injured in an accident that occurred on an individual’s personal or commercial property, you may be eligible for compensation. From slip-and-fall injuries to parking lot accidents, it is important to know your rights. If you are wondering if you can receive compensation for your case, here are the signs that signal you […]