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How to Use Pictures as Evidence in Your Slip and Fall Case

A person walking down a hallway with a wet floor sign and the words, photos as Evidence in Slip and Fall Case.

People say that a picture is worth a thousand words, which is especially true in a slip-and-fall case. While most personal injury cases can be decisive (ie, car accidents), it can be harder to prove that another’s negligence caused your slip-and-fall injuries. How do you prove that you wouldn’t have slipped on that spill if […]

The Three Worst Concert Disasters

Concert goers rocking along to a song with the words, three worst concert disasters.

Surrounded by the heart-thumping music, the screams and cheers of adoring fans, and copious amounts of alcohol, concerts can be a wild time. Concerts also carry with them dangerous situations. For some unlucky concertgoers, the night of fun turned into one of terror when people got a bit too wild, and the consequences of their […]

What Is the Attractive Nuisance Doctrine?

A desk with a gavel and a legal scale with the words, what is the attractive nuisance doctrine

In a court of law, children are not deemed responsible for their own actions. Young children do not have the respect and caution for potentially dangerous or hazardous materials that older children and adults have. With this being said, it is everyone’s duty to protect young children from potentially hazardous situations that can be easily […]

Crushed by the Crowd: Concerts Can Be Dangerous

A time lapse image shows a concert crowd in motion

According to a recently filed lawsuit, two Illinois women who planned on a night out at a Beyonce concert ended up in the hospital instead. In December 2013, Raquel Castellanos and Gabriella Davidson made plans to attend the Beyonce concert at the United Center in Chicago. By purchasing $200 general admission tickets, the pair hoped […]