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Leash Laws in Amarillo, Texas

A dog is holding his leash in the middle of a grassy park, with the words, leash laws in Amarillo, Texas.

Dogs can be found all over the state of Texas. In fact, 44% of households in Texas own at least one dog. However, the state of Texas does not have its own leash laws; instead, Texas allows each individual city and county to come up with their own leash laws. Here are the leash laws […]

Immigrant vs Non-Immigrant Visas

Two passports, some papers that a person just stamped approved, some planes, and the words immigrant vs non-immigrant visas

Most foreigners who plan to visit or move to the United States need a visa in order to enter the country. The U.S. issues over 10 million visas each year. While the vast majority of visas are non-immigrant visas, about 500,000 are immigrant visas. Under these two main categories of visas are dozens of subcategories of […]

Theme Park Accidents – Wonderland Park in Amarillo

Two bumper cars about to run into each other with the words wonderland park accidents

Theme parks are popular attractions for people of all ages. In most cases, trips to the theme park end with happy memories and cherished photographs. However, theme parks also involve a significant amount of danger, especially for the most adventurous patrons. When theme park rides aren’t properly built, maintained, and/or operated, serious injury and even […]

How to Report a Hit and Run in Amarillo

It is estimated that 14% of drivers in Texas are uninsured. As a responsible driver in Amarillo, you carry at least the state-minimum amount of auto insurance—but if you get hit by somebody who flees the scene, there’s a good chance that they’re uninsured. They may also have another reason that they make the unfortunate decision […]