How to Prove Actual Knowledge in a Texas Slip and Fall

A picture of a Texas court house with the words, "how to prove actual knowledge in a Texas slip and fall."

Slip-and-fall accidents occur when someone slips or falls on another person’s property. These accidents can be caused by slick conditions, such as a freshly mopped floor, or an unforeseen hazard, such as a wire that wasn’t properly buried in the ground. Individuals injured in a slip-and-fall accident may have a legal claim against the property […]

Examples of Negligent Security in Texas

A person lying on the ground with the words, "examples of negligent security."

Negligent security, also known as inadequate security, is a legal term that describes a property owner’s failure to fulfill their duty of ensuring a tenant’s or visitor’s safety. Unlike other personal injury cases where the victim is injured due directly to the negligent party’s actions, such as in a car accident where the at-fault driver […]

Navigating the Legal Skies: Texas Aviation Accidents and Your Personal Injury Claims

A plane flying with the words, "Texas Aviation Accidents."

When individuals think of an aviation accident, the most common image is an airplane or helicopter crash. But a wide range of accidents can occur on a plane. From falling luggage hitting a passenger to slip and fall accidents, airplanes and helicopters present risks to passengers and their staff if care is not taken to […]

Dangers Heavy Equipment Operator’s Face in Texas: Protecting Your Rights

Heavy Pieces of Equipment with the words, "dangers heavy equipment operators face in Texas."

Whether it is the construction industry, a chemical plant, a manufacturing plant, or the industrial industry, heavy machinery is a normal part of everyday operations. Workers who are consistently near or working alongside these types of machinery understand that there is a huge risk involved. They are powerful and can be hazardous if operated unsafely, […]

Navigating Texas Work Accident Legal Claims

Construction workers on a job site with the words, "top risks for construction workers?"

Currently, there are over 800,000 individuals employed in construction roles in the State of Texas. In 2021, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported 5,190 fatal work injuries in the U.S. with 20% of those being from the construction industry. If this trend continues, that means 160,000 out of the 800,000 construction employees may be at risk of being involved […]