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Does a Pre-Existing Condition Affect My Personal Injury Claim?

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The aftermath of an accident is extremely challenging for every individual involved. Not only were the plans that you had suddenly derailed, but resulting injuries can change the direction of your entire life. While the emotional and physical stress of trying to get your life back on track can seem overwhelming, many individuals find some […]

Will a Gap in Medical Treatment Affect My Personal Injury Claim?

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Injuries from an accident can range from minor to major, but receiving medical attention is extremely important for both. Even minor injuries can turn serious if the proper medical treatment isn’t given, as complications such as infection can occur. If you were in an accident and sought medical treatment for your injuries, it is important […]

What Happens During the Discovery Phase of a Personal Injury Case?

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When most people think of personal injury trials, they typically picture the defendant and plaintiff standing in court before a judge. However, there is an extremely important step of the trial process that happens before anyone sets foot in a courtroom. This step is known as the “Discovery Phase.” In this article, the team at […]

What Is an Appeal In a Personal Injury Case?

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Accidents happen in the blink of an eye. A single moment can result in a long road to recovery as the injured party struggles to heal and handle the rising bills from property damage and medical expenses. Texas State law makes it possible for individuals injured in an accident due to the negligence of another […]

What Questions to Ask Your Personal Injury Attorney?

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Many personal injury attorneys in the DFW Metroplex and surrounding areas claim to be the best of the best. So in looking for someone to handle your case, you may feel confused and overwhelmed about where to start. How do you know that you are getting the best representative for your case? These are the […]

Different Types of Product Liability

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Innovations are changing the way we interact with the world around us. Smartphones, advanced cars, household appliance upgrades, and a new generation of gaming systems have taken the world by storm. With such high demand for the latest design or next big thing, sometimes companies rush products through the safety testing phase, leading to defects. […]

Signs that You Need a Personal Injury Attorney

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After an accident, you may feel uncertain, angry, or guilty. Injuries mean growing medical expenses, absences from work, and damages that need repair. Meanwhile, the person responsible may seem to be easily moving on with their life. A personal injury attorney can help you prove the negligence of the other party and get compensation for […]

Can I be Compensated for Emotional Damages?

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Accidents often cause emotional trauma. Fear, anxiety, and guilt can follow you long after physical wounds have healed. Most of the time, emotional trauma requires therapy, which can be expensive and cause the injured party even more stress. Fortunately, you can be compensated for emotional damages in many cases. Here’s what to know about being […]

Negligence vs Gross Negligence

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Negligence is a legal term often used to describe the cause of a personal injury or death. Another common cause in personal injury cases is gross negligence, distinguished from regular negligence in the level of intent behind the actions. Here is a breakdown of negligence vs. gross negligence. What Is Negligence? Negligence describes the failure […]

Types of Damages in a Texas Personal Injury Case

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When someone is injured because of another’s negligence, it can result in a personal injury case. People interested in filing a lawsuit against an individual due to an injury may wonder what types of damages qualify to receive compensation in the State of Texas. Our team has taken the time to list these damages so […]