A female worker in a vest and hardhat kneels over an injured coworker who has been hit by a forklift, calling 911 beside the words "Common Workplace Injuries"

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The Bureau of Labor Statistics lists the following occupations as having the highest numbers of injuries in 2015: laborers/material handlers, tractor trailer/heavy truck drivers, cleaners/janitors, nursing assistants, and general maintenance/repair workers. While some work-related injuries are specific to the occupation, certain injuries are common in most jobs.

Back Injuries

Workplace accidents involving slips and falls and lifting excessively heavy items improperly often result in serious, painful back injuries. A workplace injury involving fractured vertebrae has the potential to cause long-term health problems for the worker. Fracturing vertebrae means that one or more spinal bones have sustained a break, causing local or radiating pain. The area in which the break occurred will be sore to the touch and swell visibly, producing a noticeable lump on the spine. Pinched nerves or paralysis could result if the back injury is severe and complex.

Work-related injuries causing chronic low back pain usually indicates a mechanical failure of some kind involving components of the spine.  Mechanical issues contributing to acute or chronic back pain include:


Tearing or overstretching your back’s soft tissue, muscles, or tendons can cause strains or sprains. Strains and sprains may happen if you vigorously lift something too heavy or if you twist your back improperly while lifting something above your knees.

Herniated/Bulging Discs

Thick, flexible pads of tissue called intervertebral discs lie in between bony vertebrae comprising your spine. If a disc moves out of place because you were injured on the job, it can bulge outward from between vertebrae and press against sensitive spinal nerves. Symptoms of herniated disc pain include pain radiating down the back of one leg (sciatica), numbness and tingling in the legs, and/or feet and back weakness.

Head Injuries

Unsecured objects falling onto a worker’s head commonly cause injuries in the construction or manufacturing industries. “Closed” head injuries do not pierce the skill; “open” head injuries occur when something has broken through the skull and possibly injured the brain. Head injuries in the workplace often lead to contusions, hematomas (bleeding in the brain), and concussions.

Although most people fully recover from a minor or moderate head injury, recovery time may be longer than recovery times for other workplace injuries. It is not unusual for workers with head injuries to accumulate thousands of dollars in medical bills that they have no way of paying if their workers compensation claim is denied. In addition, the injuries leave them unable to earn income because they cannot work. This is the time to contact a work injury attorney who is an expert at getting workers the compensation that they deserve for workplace injuries

Musculoskeletal Injuries

Work-related musculoskeletal injuries encompass a variety of painful, sometimes debilitating conditions affecting the nerves, tendons, muscles, and joints. Tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, tension neck, and thoracic outlet syndrome are a few examples of common musculoskeletal injuries suffered by workers on the job. Doctors group musculoskeletal injuries into several categories: repetitive motion injuries, occupational cervicobrachial disorders, soft tissue disorders, and regional musculoskeletal disorders.

Health Problems Caused by Workplace Conditions

Workers employed in industries requiring the use of strong chemicals or heavy dust are susceptible to a variety of health issues that may not be initially apparent but could emerge years later or even after they have retired. Decades of exposure to irritating fumes and solvents without proper preventative measures can damage lungs, tissues, eyes, and even tumors in some cases. Any of these medical problems may be viable causes for workers compensation, especially if the employer did not provide safeguards against these potential health hazards.

Have You Been Injured at Work?

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