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Among the most severe wounds, spinal cord injury is on the rise in the United States, especially among older adults.

The importance of a healthy spinal cord throughout life is tough to overstate. The spinal column provides support and stability to the body as well as protection for the long bundle of neurological material that runs its length. In the body, the spinal cord is a crucial information highway. Although protected by bony vertebrae, the spinal column is subject to injury from fragments of the backbone during an accident. When material or tissue impinge on or penetrate the spinal cord, permanent loss of sensation and mobility can result.

A recent study by Johns Hopkins University looked at the incidence rate of spinal cord injury (SCI) from 2007 to 2009. Findings include the following:

  • The rate of SCI among adults aged 18 to 64 has fallen. This good news may be due to improved vehicular safety measures.
  • The rate of SCI among adults over age 65 rose during the study period. The rise in the incidence rate of spinal injury among older adults may be attributable to more active lifestyles.
  • Automobile accidents are now second to falls as the leading cause of SCI in the United States.
    • Older adults who suffer from SCI are four times more likely to die of their injuries during emergency treatment. Seniors are also six times more likely than younger patients to die of SCI after admission to the hospital.

Prevention of slips, trips, and falls was never more critical. Everyone falls down, but this data tells us what we already knew. Older adults who fall are less likely to get back up.

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