Seeking Justice for a Wrongful Death Claim in Abilene, Texas

A legal statue with the words, "seeking justice for wrongful death claim"

Death is a natural part of life. But when a loved one is taken from you out of the blue, and the negligent actions of another person caused their death, you want justice for your pain and suffering. Texas State law allows surviving family members to file a wrongful death claim so they can seek […]

Can I Claim Worker’s Compensation for Work Related PTSD?

A person talking to a doctor with the words, "can I claim compensation for work related PTSD?"

When you hear the words “workplace injury” and “worker’s compensation,” what comes to mind? You may think of someone who got hurt on the job due to faulty equipment, or who slipped on a slick area and hit their head, or who became seriously ill due to toxins or chemicals. What may not come immediately […]

Injuries Associated With Slip and Fall Accidents

A person falling with the words, "Injuries Associated With Slip and Fall Accidents."

Whether it was slick conditions, such as ice on the stairs, or a spill at a supermarket, slip and fall accidents can be embarrassing and cause serious injuries. And, they are one of the most common types of personal injury cases that fall under premises liability law. Texas State law protects individuals injured on another […]

Sharing the Road With Cyclists; Important Laws Everyone Should Know

A bicyclist riding down the road with the words, "sharing the road with cyclists."

The state of Texas is infamous for its large number of motor vehicle accidents. While the words “motor vehicle accident” may bring up images of cars, other modes of transportation such as motorcycles and bicycles can be a part of these accidents as well. And because motorists are less protected on these modes of transport […]

What Are the Most Dangerous Jobs in the State of Texas?

A Texas flag with the words, "What Are the Most Dangerous Jobs in the State of Texas?"

The job market in the state of Texas is highly diverse. From oil and gas to real estate and healthcare, this wide range of different fields has allowed Texas’s economy and population to boom. However, with the rise of employees in the state of Texas, the amount of injuries seen on the job has also […]

Worst Texas Plant Explosions

Two people wearing hazmat suits are working in a chemical plant, with the words, worst chemical plant accidents.

When the United States went through the Industrial Revolution, its citizens and factory owners had no idea the magnitude of change it would bring. New products, new ways of using and producing energy, and major technological advancements took the country and the world by storm. With the increased demand for energy, power plants and chemical […]

What to Expect From a Non-Subscriber Work-Injury Claim

A gavel on a desk with a document and the words, "what to expect from a non-subscriber work injury claim"

It always starts as every other day does. You walk into work, ready to get started on today’s project with coffee in hand. Going over the plans for that day, you finish your coffee, throw the cup away, put your protective gear on and head out to the construction site. Everything seems to be going […]

Are Left Turns More Dangerous Than Right Turns?

two cars involved in an accident

When most individuals think of an accident, they often think of rear-end collisions on the interstate due to bumper-to-bumper traffic or a T-bone accident due to someone running a red light. However, one of the most common behaviors that lead to an accident is the simple act of making a left turn. The National Highway […]

How to Prove Negligent Security

An officer sitting at a desk with the words, "how to prove negligent security."

Typically, when an individual thinks about premises liability, they often think about slip and fall accidents or swimming pool accidents. One of the biggest areas of premises liability is negligent security. Negligent security claims are often horrific and carry heavy emotional trauma for the victim, as they often involve violent crimes such as sexual assaults […]

What Is Motorcycle Lane Splitting?

A picture of motorcyclists driving in between cars with the words, "what is motorcycle lane splitting?"

Whether you are the driver of a motor vehicle or a motorbike, one thing both parties can agree on is that traffic is the bane of the driving experience. Nothing is worse than wanting to get home from a long day at work or heading out for that much-needed vacation to only spend a long, […]