A dog is holding his leash in the middle of a grassy park, with the words, leash laws in Amarillo, Texas.

Dogs can be found all over the state of Texas. In fact, 44% of households in Texas own at least one dog. However, the state of Texas does not have its own leash laws; instead, Texas allows each individual city and county to come up with their own leash laws. Here are the leash laws in Amarillo, Texas:

Amarillo City Ordinances Concerning Leashes

The city of Amarillo passed its own leash laws to help decrease the number of accidents involving dog bites. This was done in an effort to improve public health and safety. These were the following laws that were passed and are still in effect today:

Responsibility for the Dog

Under Amarillo’s leash laws, anyone who owns, keeps, controls, feeds, shelters, or is aiding a dog must have the dog in question on a leash when in public. This includes someone who is pet sitting, a dog walker, and even animal control officers. If you are aiding an injured dog and do not have a leash, then you may keep the animal confined – either in a crate or a vehicle – to follow the law. If the dog is on private property, the law mandates that the dog must be kept within an enclosure, such as a fenced-in yard.

Dog as a Public Nuisance

It is against the law in Amarillo, Texas to allow your dog to roam freely within an unfenced yard or a neighborhood. A dog that is roaming freely is considered a public nuisance. The dog must be restrained by a leash when out in public, and the owner should be able to restrain the dog in a matter of seconds. If you have an electric fence in your front yard, you are fine as long as the dog actually stays within the fence’s boundaries. If the dog has gotten used to the shock and wanders beyond the fence, then you are responsible for the actions of the dog afterward.

Special Exceptions for the Amarillo Leash Laws

The city government of Amarillo understands that dogs can be used for a variety of different helpful actions or events. This can either be for the public good – such as for law enforcement – or for entertainment – such as for dog shows. The city of Amarillo lists the following conditions as exceptions its leash laws:

  • The dog is performing duties of training as a working or service animal

  • The dog is in training for obedience trials

  • The dog is in a field trial

  • The dog is running through an agility course

  • The dog is performing in a dog show

  • The dog is doing tracking work

  • The dog is a part of a search and rescue team/mission

  • The dog is performing at an exhibition or training even in a public venue or place of business

  • The dog is in a leash-free park

However, the owner of the dog during these events is still held responsible for the dog’s actions.

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