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Can I be Compensated for Emotional Damages?

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Accidents often cause emotional trauma. Fear, anxiety, and guilt can follow you long after physical wounds have healed. Most of the time, emotional trauma requires therapy, which can be expensive and cause the injured party even more stress. Fortunately, you can be compensated for emotional damages in many cases. Here’s what to know about being […]

Negligence vs Gross Negligence

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Negligence is a legal term often used to describe the cause of a personal injury or death. Another common cause in personal injury cases is gross negligence, distinguished from regular negligence in the level of intent behind the actions. Here is a breakdown of negligence vs. gross negligence. What Is Negligence? Negligence describes the failure […]

Types of Damages in a Texas Personal Injury Case

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When someone is injured because of another’s negligence, it can result in a personal injury case. People interested in filing a lawsuit against an individual due to an injury may wonder what types of damages qualify to receive compensation in the State of Texas. Our team has taken the time to list these damages so […]

What Are the Different Degree of Burn Injuries?

A person treating a burn with the words, "what are the different degrees of burn injuries?"

When most individuals think of personal injury, they often think of car accidents, slip and fall accidents, and product liability. However, one of the biggest and most often overlooked types of injuries that can be compensated if caused by the negligence of another is burn injuries. Severe burns can lead to permanent damage, disfigurement, and […]

Safety Tips for Airline Travel During the Holidays

People on an airplane with the words, "Safety Tips for Airline Travel During the Holidays."

The holidays call many loved ones home so that they can celebrate the merriment and bring in the New Year alongside family and friends. For many, this means taking a flight across the beautiful United States, and these important safety tips can help reduce the risk of an accident and help you get to your […]

What Is the Difference Between General Damages and Special Damages in a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

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When an individual seeks compensation for an injury caused by the negligence of another party, they would be pursuing a personal injury case. The compensation they may be awarded would then be broken into two categories: general damages and special damages. “Damages” in a personal injury case is a term used to describe the amount […]

Thanksgiving Travel Tips

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With the holiday season quickly approaching, the streets are becoming busier, people are looking forward to spending some much-needed time with loved ones, and everyone is working out their holiday travel plans. While the holidays are busy, Thanksgiving is one of the busiest times of the year for travel. Over 50 million people last year traveled […]

Should I Agree to a Recorded Statement for an Insurance Adjuster?

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Imagine a regular Monday. Driving to work, focusing on the road, and running down your to-do list for the day mentally. You come to a stoplight and stop successfully, but the car behind you, who has been texting and driving, fails to stop. They smash into your car, damaging the bumper and violently throwing you […]

How Does a Lien Affect My Personal Injury Lawsuit?

A lawyer working with the words, "Can a Lien Affect My Personal Injury Settlement?"

When you have been injured in an accident, whether it is a car accident or work injury, you have the right to file a personal injury lawsuit against the negligent party to seek compensation for damages and medical expenses. While the process can be complicated, a personal injury attorney can help you claim the compensation […]

What Is the Texas Statute of Limitations for Personal Injury?

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When you are injured in an accident that was caused by the negligence of another, you may be able to claim compensation for medical expenses and damages. While our team at the Hernandez Law Group urges injured parties to immediately seek legal aid to ensure that the correct steps are taken, this may not be […]