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What Do I Do If I Was Hit By an Unlicensed Driver?

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In the State of Texas, anyone who operates a motor vehicle must have a license. This law ensures that individuals know how to operate a vehicle and follow the laws set in place to help keep everyone safe on the road. According to a study conducted by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, drivers who operated […]

Are Texas Texting and Driving Laws Effective?

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Cell phones have radically changed the way we communicate, look up information, and interact with the world around us. While being able to contact loved ones, conduct business, or set up appointments from anywhere has made life more convenient and even saved lives, the dark side to this incredible invention is texting and driving.  In […]

What Is a Dram Shop Accident and How Does It Affect My Claim?

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In 2021, there were 25, 261 drunk driving accidents in the state of Texas alone. Out of those accidents, 1,029 individuals died either on impact or due to their injuries later, and 2,522 individuals were seriously injured. The state of Texas has pretty strict drunk driving laws which are set in place to help keep […]

Current Vehicle Recalls Texas Drivers Should Be Aware Of

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When people think of car accidents, they often imagine a negligent driver, doing something reckless or careless, such as texting and driving, resulting in them running into another vehicle. However, there are cases of car accidents or injuries that happen in a vehicle that is not the fault of the driver or another individual in […]

Sharing the Road With Cyclists; Important Laws Everyone Should Know

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The state of Texas is infamous for its large number of motor vehicle accidents. While the words “motor vehicle accident” may bring up images of cars, other modes of transportation such as motorcycles and bicycles can be a part of these accidents as well. And because motorists are less protected on these modes of transport […]

Are Left Turns More Dangerous Than Right Turns?

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When most individuals think of an accident, they often think of rear-end collisions on the interstate due to bumper-to-bumper traffic or a T-bone accident due to someone running a red light. However, one of the most common behaviors that lead to an accident is the simple act of making a left turn. The National Highway […]

What Is Motorcycle Lane Splitting?

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Whether you are the driver of a motor vehicle or a motorbike, one thing both parties can agree on is that traffic is the bane of the driving experience. Nothing is worse than wanting to get home from a long day at work or heading out for that much-needed vacation to only spend a long, […]

My Airbags Didn’t Deploy; Who Is Responsible?

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Accidents happen in a blink of an eye. One moment you are driving down the street to drop your kids off at school and the next, your car is being slammed into by another driver. The impact was strong enough to deploy the side airbags in your van, keeping your children safe, but for some […]

Self Driving Cars and Liability for an Accident; What to Know About the Future of Car Accident Claims

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Back in the early 2000s, quick advancements in motor-vehicle technology led some to believe that flying cars or cars with supercomputers in them would be a product of today. While these may not have come to fruition (yet), cars have seen incredible technological leaps and bounds since then. From being able to self-diagnose issues, such […]

Can I Leave the Scene of an Accident If There Were No Injuries?

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Imagine it’s a sunny afternoon in Dallas, Texas, and you’re driving home from work. Singing along to the radio, you’re excited to start your vacation and all your worries are melting away. But then you get rear-ended. The person behind you wasn’t paying attention to the stop sign you stopped at and caused an accident. […]