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Back Pain After a Car Accident

A person holding their back in pain after a car accident with the words, back pain after a car accident.

Back pain is common after a car accident, as the force of impact can jostle the vehicle’s occupants. It can be difficult to know whether or not your back pain is normal or the indication of a more serious injury. Here are some tips on how to know if your back pain is an indication […]

18 Wheeler Accident Procedures

An 18 wheeler driving down a road with the words, 18 wheeler accident procedures.

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), in 2017, there were 450,000 police-reported accidents involving 18-wheelers in the United States. Out of those 450,000 accidents, 4,327 of them were fatal, and 344,000 of them resulted in injury. Large businesses use 18-wheelers to move their products around the United States. When these large vehicles […]

Liability for a T-Bone Accident

A t-bone accident with the words, liability for a t-bone accident.

You are on your way to work, listening to your favorite song. As you come to an intersection, the stoplight is turning yellow. Since you are close enough to the line, you decide to keep your speed and go through the light. Suddenly, you are jolted and your car begins to swerve because another vehicle […]

How to Prevent Motorcycle Accidents

A motorcycle on its side with the words, preventing motorcycle accidents.

Motorcycle accidents have a very high risk of resulting in serious injury or death. As the number of drivers on the road has increased over recent years, so has the number of motorcycle accidents. Both motorcyclists and drivers can take preventative measures to decrease the rate of motorcycle accidents. Following the four safety protocols detailed […]

What to Do If My Child Was Hurt in a School Bus Accident

A child sitting on an examination table with a band-aid on his knee with words that say, child was injured school bus accident.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 134 people die in school-vehicle-related crashes each year. It is important to know what steps to take if your child is injured in an accident, in order to get compensation and medical care your child deserves. Here are the steps you can take if your child was […]

How to Handle Common Driving Emergencies

A police car at the scene of an accident, with the words, how to handle driving emergencies.

The ability to operate a motorized vehicle gives many people a sense of freedom and control. However, that freedom can quickly disappear when something on the car malfunctions and the driver loses control and gets in an auto accident. Many drivers panic when something like this goes wrong, leading them to sometimes make their situation […]

Car Accident Diminished Value Claims in Texas

Two gentlemen checking the damage of a rear-end collision with the words, car accident diminished value.

Damage from a vehicle accident significantly lowers the value of a vehicle, as the reliability and the integrity of the car is reduced. In the state of Texas, you can claim compensation for the diminished value of your car. Here are the specifics for a car accident diminished value claim in Texas: Texas Diminished Value Claims The […]

What Are the Most Common Causes of Car Accidents?

A man texting while driving under the words common causes of car accidents

The Insurance Information Institute reports that in 2017, there were 6,452,000 vehicle accidents in the United States. According to the Texas Department of Transportation, 32,056 of those accidents were in Dallas, Texas alone. While roads present drivers with a wide range of hazards, here are the most common causes of car accidents: 1. Distracted Driving In the United […]

Who’s at Fault in a Multi-Vehicle Pileup?

Three cars crashed into each other on the road with the words multi vehicle pileup fault

In addition to the dramatic pileups that make the evening news, smaller accidents involving three, four, or five cars happen across the country every day. Because of the large number of vehicles involved in these accidents, establishing fault can be tricky. Here are the guidelines for determining fault for multi-vehicle pileups in Texas: Determining the […]

How to Obtain a Car Accident Police Report in Texas

A destroyed car after an auto accident above the words "Obtaining Car Accident Police Reports"

The aftermath of a car wreck is a stressful time, and there are several steps you may need to take before the whole process is over. While it’s not usually necessary to obtain a car accident police report on your own, you may want it for your files or for other purposes. Fortunately, after you […]