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Work Injuries and Memory Loss

A drawing of a brain that someone is erasing with the words, "work injuries and memory loss."

An average day at work can turn into a nightmare when you are injured on the job. Whether a machine malfunctions, a coworker is negligent, or you have a slip-and-fall accident, the event and injuries can be traumatic. The trauma is compounded when you try to claim compensation but have trouble recollecting the accident. Work […]

Most Common Workplace Injuries

A female worker in a vest and hardhat kneels over an injured coworker who has been hit by a forklift, calling 911 beside the words "Common Workplace Injuries"

Work injuries can happen within any occupation. The physical strain, potentially dangerous work environment, and pressure to work faster can result in accidents that leave one or more individuals seriously injured. The Bureau of Labor Statistics released a report in 2015 that listed the following occupations as having the highest numbers of injuries in 2018: […]

The Worst Industrial Accidents in United States History

An industrial worker is getting his armed bandaged, with the words, worst industrial accidents.

The industrial revolution brought on rapid change for the United States. New laws had to be made to protect workers by improving working conditions and establishing workers’ rights. Despite these efforts, terrible industrial accidents still happen every day. Industrial accidents are usually catastrophic. They often have a permanent effect on workers, the environment, and surrounding people. This […]