A cracked windshield after a car accident.

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As the founder and managing partner of Hernandez Law Group, P.C., Juan Hernandez is one of only 2% of Texas attorneys certified as personal injury attorneys by the Texas State Board of Legal Specialization.

In 2022, Juan Hernandez was named a Super Lawyer by multinational media conglomerate Thomson Reuters. The many other awards won by Mr. Hernandez and Hernandez Law Group, P.C., include induction into the Million Dollar Advocates Forum and the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum. 

For those injured in car collisions and 18-wheelers or suffered physical injuries and other losses caused by negligent parties, the Hernandez Law Group P.C. can help them find a path to justice in the Texas civil court system. 

Product Liability Attorneys Hold Manufacturers Accountable

A person checking the warning label on a medicine bottle.

Consumers have protection under the law against losses, injuries, and damage from defective or malfunctioning products. These defects can occur at one or more points in the supply chain– from the manufacturing and distribution processes to the retail sale of the dangerous products. 

Damage claims can arise from design flaws and manufacturing defects. A case may also be made that the liable parties failed to properly warn the consumers of their products about the dangers they present even when used according to the manufacturer’s own instructions. 

Recreational Boat and Maritime Accident Lawyers Seek Justice for Their Clients 

Along with the Gulf of Mexico, the many rivers, lakes, and streams in the state provide Texans and tourists alike with the opportunity to both work and play on the water. Many recreational watercraft operators are legally considered intoxicated when their negligence leads to deadly boating accidents. Even when there are no fatalities associated with the boat operator’s negligence, these accidents can cause catastrophic and life-altering injuries for the victims. 

In 2021, the Department of Texas Parks and Wildlife reported a 40% increase in fatalities involving boats from the same four-month period from January through April in 2020. For those who formerly earned their living in the offshore oil industry, an accident on an oil platform miles away from shore in the Gulf of Mexico can leave the injured parties unable to return to work temporarily (or often, permanently). 

Knowing that there is a reputable law firm DeSoto residents can turn to for legal redress in these personal injury and maritime accident cases can be quite a relief at a desperate time of their lives.

Motorcycle Accident Attorneys Are There for the Crash Victims and Their Families

After an accident a motorcycle lies in the street next to a damaged car

Weekend warriors here in DeSoto ride Harley-Davidsons with motorcycle club buddies. Others hop onto Yamahas to commute to work and school. But even with awareness of the many dangers facing motorcyclists here in North Texas, it is the other, often oblivious, four-wheeled motorists that wreak havoc on the highway.

A motorcycle accident can leave riders physically battered and unable to attend to the activities of daily life. Insurance companies bent on saving pennies for their bottom lines convince these vulnerable victims to settle for much lower than their cases are actually worth. During settlement negotiations, your DeSoto motorcycle accident lawyer will hold the insurance companies accountable. The Hernandez Law Group P.C. Super Lawyers take these cases to trial when necessary to achieve the best results possible for their personal injury clients.

DeSoto Community Resources and Events

Below is a list of legal venues and resources that could be involved in the resolution of your personal injury claim:

Civil District Courts

  • 14th District Court
  • 44th District Court
  • 68th District Court
  • 95th District Court
  • 101st District Court
  • 116th District Court
  • 134th District Court
  • 160th District Court
  • 162nd District Court
  • 191st District Court
  • 192nd District Court
  • 193rd District Court
  • 298th District Court
  • Texas Rules of Civil Procedure
  • Dallas County Sheriff’s Office

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