Worst Chemical Plant Accidents

Two people wearing hazmat suits are working in a chemical plant, with the words, worst chemical plant accidents.

When the United States went through the Industrial Revolution, its citizens and factory owners had no idea the magnitude of change it would bring. New products, new ways of using and producing energy, and major technological advancements took the country and the world by storm. With the increased demand for energy, power plants and chemical […]

What Is the Attractive Nuisance Doctrine?

A desk with a gavel and a legal scale with the words, what is the attractive nuisance doctrine

In a court of law, children are not deemed responsible for their actions. Young children do not have the same respect and caution for potentially hazardous materials as older children and adults. Therefore, it is everyone’s duty to protect young children from potentially hazardous and easily avoidable situations. This duty is outlined in the attractive […]

Workers Compensation – Subscriber Vs. Non-Subscriber

A man has fallen off of a ladder and dropped a hammer, with words that read, subscriber vs non subscriber.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that there were a total of 469 fatal work accidents in Texas in 2020. Out of those 469 incidents, here is the breakdown of causes: Types of Work Incidents Number of Accidents That Resulted in Death Incidents From Violent Behavior From Another Animal or Person 55 Incidents From Work […]

Can I be Compensated for Emotional Damages?

A close up of a gavel with the words, compensation for emotional damages.

Accidents often cause emotional trauma. Fear, anxiety, and guilt can follow you long after physical wounds have healed. Most of the time, emotional trauma requires therapy, which can be expensive and cause the injured party even more stress. Fortunately, you can be compensated for emotional damages in many cases. Here’s what to know about being […]

Car Accident Diminished Value Claims in Texas

Two gentlemen checking the damage of a rear-end collision with the words, car accident diminished value.

Damage from a car accident significantly lowers the value of the vehicle as the reliability and the integrity of the car are reduced. In the state of Texas, you can claim compensation for the diminished value of your car. This article outlines the specifics for a car accident diminished value claim in Texas. What Is […]

What is Considered Provoking a Dog?

A person about to hit a dachshund while the dog is snarling at them

Dogs are considered to be man’s best friend which makes it that much more surprising when a dog suddenly becomes aggressive and bites someone. Dog bites can lead to serious injuries, and in some cases, emotional trauma. However, determining who’s at fault for the dog bite – the victim or the dog owner – depends […]

Most Common Causes of Bicycle Accidents

A mangled bike on a crosswalk beside a car above the words common causes of bicycle accidents

Bicycle accident-related deaths account for 2.3% of all motor vehicle traffic fatalities, and the number continues to increase. In 2019 alone, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that 846 bicyclists were killed in traffic accidents in the United States. In the state of Texas, the year 2020 saw 44 bicyclists lose their life due […]

Tire Safety: Protecting You and Your Family On Texas Roads

A closeup photo of a tire with the words, "tire safety."

Thousands of cars drive on Texas roadways at any given point during the day. Car owners have a responsibility to ensure their vehicles are equipped to handle all kinds of travel. Most people know that routine car maintenance involves checking the oil, ensuring the car lights and windshield wipers work properly, and filling the car […]