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If you are dealing with personal injuries because of someone else’s actions, you need an attorney. It is our job to hold everybody who is responsible accountable for compensating you for your experience and trauma. The Hernandez Law Group can help with several types of personal injury cases, including negligence, product liability, and school injury

Why You Need a Personal Injury Attorney

If someone else is responsible for an accident, there are two likely battles that you may be facing.

Lack of Cooperation and Assistance

Even though the other person may be clearly in the wrong, they may also be completely uncooperative when it comes to your requests to pay for the damages done. If the damage is substantial, it may be beyond the small claims court’s hands. Police can not enforce any particular course of action without a court order. In these instances, it will be necessary to take the other person to court to obtain legal avenues of action.

Skilled Defense Opposition

In matters such as auto accidents, you may be up against the other person, their insurance company, and that insurance company’s lawyers. These people are so skilled with the system that they will know exactly what to say to coerce more cooperation out of you. It is the jobs of insurance companies, and their attorneys and case managers, to pay as little as possible for the accident. 

In addition to making sure that you are compensated as little as possible, they will also do what they can to spin the situation so that you are at fault. This is because many states will completely dismiss an injury claim if the person seeking the compensation is even if the other person is 99% responsible for the accedent. You need someone who will fight on your behalf.

Experienced Personal Injury Attorneys

You need someone who is experienced at handling this complicated system and knows how to go up against people who will try to play the game against you. We can put our skilled team to work helping you with any number of personal injury matters.


Negligence occurs when there is a failure to use proper care to avoid an accident. If another person’s negligence results in an injury to you, that other person is responsible for compensation of all of your related losses. 

Auto accidents are often a result of negligence. If someone is driving at night without using headlights this can lead to a pedestrian crossing a street thinking the road is empty. If an accident happens between that car and pedestrian, the car with the headlights off is responsible, even if normally having the right-of-way, because of their failure to use proper care: Headlights after dark. 

Product Liability

A car has rear-ended a commercial bus.

Manufacturers are expected to hold a certain standard of quality when releasing products to the general public. If this product has a defect that results in damages, the manufacturer is responsible for these. The seller may, potentially, be a responsible party as well.

Child toys and vehicles are some of the most common examples of product liability cases. Whenever there is a recall, that is because it has been discovered that a product was released that was defective or hazardous and the damage had already been done. One example could be a toy or adult automobile being released that has a faulty brake system. 

Because some of these products can be mass manufactured, product liability matters are among the most common to become class action – suits, wherein there are several parties suing the same company for the same reason at one time.

School Injury 

When parents leave a child with a school, there is an assumption that the child will be returned unharmed. This is a reasonable assumption. Should your child be injured while under your school’s care, they may be responsible for this.

If a child was left unwatched at daycare, only to have gotten injured on the playground, the school is responsible for the injuries sustained. 

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