Representing Those Victims of Wrongful Death

18 Wheeler wreck accident, one fatality

18 Wheeler wreck Accident

Man killed at auto repair shop when he was run over by a vehicle.

Man killed at work

Man at construction site was following company policy and was not tied to anything. He fell and suffered severe orthopedic injuries. With the substantial recovery, he will continue to receive quality care and a modest income for the rest of his life.

Man injured when he fell off roof

Injuries include hardware in her arm for the rest of her life. Hernandez Law Firm helped obtain a substantial recovery for her even though all the medical bills had been paid.

Lady seriously injured when hand caught in machine

2 family members’ lives were sadly taken prematurely. No amount of money will make the family whole again but the substantial recovery obtained by the Hernandez law Firm will help them throughout their lives.

Family devastated in automobile collision

A man working at a construction project in downtown dallas was killed at the site. The man was from Honduras and his infant daughter will be financially cared for thanks to the recovery and the efforts of the Hernandez law Firm.

Man killed on the job

The Hernandez Firm secured a large settlement for the family of a lady who was executed at work when four robbers entered the establishment at gun point. Although the lady was covered by workers compensation, the recovery was for gross negligence for inadequate security.

Restaurant manager fatally shot during robbery

The Hernandez Firm secured a large settlement for a man who was injured when an 18 Wheeler veered off the road and struck him. The man suffered from a brachial plexus and closed head injury.

Truck veered off the road, struck man working on shoulder

13 year old child was killed in a collision with an 18 wheeler. The father had never paid child support and never visited the child during the child’s life. Once he found out about the wrongful death suit filed by the Hernandez law Firm on behalf of the grief stricken mother, the father appeared and wanted 50% of any recovery. The Hernandez Law Firm took that case to trial and the Arbitrator ruled that the father does not deserve a dime and awarded the mother all the proceeds.

Mom said deadbeat dad doesn’t deserve recovery for son’s death

Construction Accident, decedent was injured when the rebar cage he was on fell to the ground and later died. Plaintiffs’ counsel argued that Defendants failed to use and supervise the use of equipment in a reasonably safe manner; failed to give adequate training in the operation and use of the crane; failed to install, adopt or employ adequate safety measures in its workplace to prevent such accidents such as the one that killed the decedent; failed to properly use and secure the rebar cage that was involved in the incident; failed to design and implement safe and prudent methods of erecting and securing columns, rebar cages, guy wires and material in a construction project; failed to add diagonal rebars on each side of the steel cage; failed to keep the lift crane connected in position until the forms were installed; failed to ensure that each of the guy wires was controlling equal forces; and designing and constructing the rebar cage too long. This case was listed as The Featured Verdict of Verdict Search National Volume 11 Issue 10 October 2012.

Wrongful Death