Truck / 18 Wheeler Accidents

Truck / 18 Wheeler Accidents


Dallas is a popular thoroughfare for large commercial trucks, semi-trucks, big rigs, and 18-wheelers. In addition, Dallas roads are full of livestock trucks transporting cattle and other farm animals across the state, as well as oil tankers and hazardous chemical trucks. These vehicles pose a problem when they share the roads and are responsible for catastrophic accidents year round.

A fully loaded big rig can weigh as much as 80,000 pounds. In comparison, an automobile weighs a mere 3,000 pounds. When these two vehicles collide, the automobile’s occupants are the ones who sustain the majority of the injuries. Unfortunately, trucking companies have large law firms dedicated to protecting their interests and reducing their liabilities. As such, trucking accident victims in Dallas need aggressive legal representation from the moment they are injured in a trucking accident.

When Trucking Company Negligence is to Blame
Trucking companies may be to blame after a serious trucking accident. In an attempt to increase profits, many trucking companies routinely push drivers to log longer hours than are allowed by trucking regulations. They may also cut corners when servicing vehicles or fail to train their drivers properly. When this occurs, an experienced Dallas Personal Injury Attorneyis needed to investigate the cause of the trucking accident and fight to hold these large trucking companies responsible for their negligence.

When Truck Drivers are to Blame
There are times when trucking companies operate within the federal motor carrier regulations, but truck drivers do not. They may drive in poor weather, fail to observe speed signs, and even drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol. When this occurs, the truck driver should be held liable for their negligence. Determining who is ultimately to blame for your accident and your injuries is the first step towards receiving the compensation you deserve after a catastrophic trucking accident.

Obtaining Black Box Data
The weeks that immediately follow a trucking accident are critical. If you are not careful, valuable evidence can be lost or destroyed. The truck’s black box is a critical piece of evidence that could shed light on the cause of your accident. Your attorney will need to obtain the black box data before it is lost or destroyed by the trucking company. The information contained in this box includes the truck driver’s daily driving schedule, hours on the job, and important information about the truck, maintenance, and more.

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