Falls from Balconies

Falls from Balconies

As with any fall from height, balcony falls often result in serious injuries and even death. Falls from balconies can occur from hotels, apartment buildings, office buildings, or homes. Victims who survive balcony falls often face an uphill battle to recovery; meanwhile medical bills pile up, leaving victims’ families financially strained.

In situations where the actions or negligence of another party causes a balcony fall, the victim or the victim’s family may be entitled to receive financial compensation for the resulting injuries and other damages. After a balcony fall, it is important to contact a knowledgeable Texas balcony falls accident attorney right away to obtain and preserve key evidence to prove liability against the responsible party.

Owners’ Responsibilities to Maintain Balcony Safety
Property owners in Texas must maintain safe property conditions under state premises liability laws. This includes making sure balconies and other building structures comply with building codes and are in safe working condition. Balcony safety in apartment complexes, hotels, and other tall buildings is particularly important, because of the risks associated with falls from high above the ground. In situations where individuals suffer injuries or die from a balcony fall, the property owner may be held liable.

Causes of Texas Balcony Falls
Balcony falls are often not the victim’s fault. Structural problems including rotted wood, loose railings or rusted bolts may contribute to balcony falls. Railings that are not high enough or spaced too far apart may also cause tragic balcony falls. In addition, balconies may collapse if the maximum weight limit has been miscalculated or if the weight limit is exceeded. Failure of property owners to comply with Texas or local building codes is another common cause of balcony falls. Injuries from balcony falls may include anything from brain trauma and spinal cord injuries to internal organ injuries and multiple broken bones.

Skilled Texas Balcony Falls Accident Lawyers
The skilled Texas balcony falls accident attorneys at Juan Hernandez Law fight to protect the legal rights of our clients who have fallen from balconies on hotels, apartment complexes, office buildings, and other buildings in Texas. We also represent surviving family members in wrongful death claims.

Juan Law Personal Injury Attorney Dallas will work to make sure you receive fair compensation for your balcony fall injuries, including medical bills and loss of income.

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