Personal Injury Lawyers in Dallas

Let Juan Hernandez face them and fight for his rights when he is injured in an accident.

When you are looking for a personal injury lawyer, it is imperative to get in touch with a lawyer who is extraordinarily gifted to ensure that justice is done. Since personal injury cases are tremendously different from each other, a team of lawyers, creative resource persons is essential in legal representation. The Juan Hernandez Law PC team has years of experience in personal injury cases, and will help victims and their families to claim damages.

Juan Hernandez continually earns fair compensation for clients in cases of personal injury and immigration cases, including:

  • Wrongful Death
  • Drunk driving accidents
  • Work injuries
  • Abuse in Elderly Home
  • Insurance Fraud
  • Immigration

Many cases can be resolved before a trial occurs, however, when the case goes to trial you need a team of experienced trial lawyers with a track record of success to represent you and your loved ones. Without legal representation, a potential agreement may be significantly less than it would be without the support and knowledge of Juan Hernández’s attorneys. Companies and insurance companies try to pay as little as possible in order to ensure the success of their own company. Defend you and your family against further harm by contacting Juan Hernández, where we will discuss your case to ensure you receive the assistance and solution you deserve. There are many advantages to having a team of experienced lawyers solve the case that you can not take into account.

These are some of the many compensations that we are going to fight for:

  • All costs associated with medical treatments
  • The loss of wages
  • Lost future of wages
  • Transportation costs
  • Pain and suffering
  • Disability
  • Disfigurement
  • Replacing vehicles


Juan Hernandez

Juan Hernandez

"Además de la gestión de la empresa, los clientes pueden fácilmente tener acceso a mí, en persona, por..."

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James P. Browning Jr.

James P. Browning Jr.

Admitido a la práctica Corte Suprema de EE.UU., 1986 Corte Suprema de Texas, 1988 Suprema Corte de Louisiana, 1982 (inactivo)...

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Alek Hernandez

Alek Hernandez

Idiomas: Inglés, Español; Areas de Practica: Lesiones personals, Juicio civil; Asociaciones Profesionales: S...

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Cassandra Hernandez

Cassandra Hernandez

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