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What Is the Trap Act?

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On September 13, 2019, the TRAP Act was introduced into Congress. The TRAP Act, also known by its longer name, the Transactional Repression Accountability and Prevention Act of 2019, was created to address the issue of the International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL) abusing its power and overstepping laws of other countries. This article tackles the […]

United States Citizenship Tests

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The United States Constitution shapes the country’s laws and the lives of its citizens. Immigrants who wish to become an U.S. citizen must pass a series of tests and an interview process. The steps to becoming a United States citizen may be challenging, but likewise rewarding. If you are nervous about taking the citizenship tests, […]

What Do Citizenship Ceremonies Look Like?

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After tons of hard work, immense dedication, and countless hours studying, you have passed your naturalization test and are one step closer to becoming a United States Citizen. The Citizenship Ceremony, also known as the Oath Ceremony, is the final event in your journey to becoming a United States Citizen. After you pass your final […]

How Does Immigration Affect the Economy?

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Does immigration affect the United States economy? In 2013, the Center for American Progress reported that immigrants added $1.6 trillion to the total United States gross domestic product. The debate over immigrants and how they affect the United States economy has continued for several years. Both sides argue immigration’s positive and negative impacts, and it […]

History of United States Immigration Part 2 (1900-Present)

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Immigration has played a huge part in the United State’s history and it continues to make headlines today. From new advancements in technology and the spread of new ideas to the introduction of new cultures and food and helping change the economy, immigrants have helped the United States grow and thrive. Last month, Hernandez Law […]

History of US Immigration Part 1 (1700-1900)

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Known as the melting pot of the world, the United States is rich in cultural diversity. Merging cultures have made the United States a leader in innovation and have helped create a deep history of passion, courage, and determination. In today’s time, it can be easy to forget America’s unique heritage in all of the […]

How Hard is it to Legally Immigrate to the United States?

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The pathway to legally immigrate to the United States is filled with difficulties and obstacles. There are several complicated steps, lots of paperwork that must be filed correctly, and many other hurdles to jump. Here are the methods for legally immigrating to the United States, along with their many difficulties: Family Pathway One of the routes […]