Buyer Beware: Concerts are Dangerous

According to a recently filed lawsuit, two Illinois women who planned on a night out at a Beyonce concert ended up in the hospital instead.

In December 2013, Raquel Castellanos and Gabriella Davidson made plans to attend the Beyonce concert at the United Center in Chicago. By purchasing $200 general admission tickets, the pair hoped to view the concert from an area close to the stage.

Arriving at the venue hours before the concert, the women became dismayed at the growing crowd of spectators waiting outside the gates to the venue. No information about entering the stadium was provided by Live Nation, the promoter, or United Center personnel.

A melee occurred after venue staff abruptly removed the gates and allowed the pent-up crowd to enter the arena. Ms. Castellanos stated she heard Ms. Davidson screaming and feared they would die underfoot. The women reported the following:

  • Without any security, the crowd rushed the gates as they opened.
  • Ms. Davidson and Ms. Castellanos were knocked down by the moving mass of people.
  • Ms. Castellanos suffered a crushed ankle that required surgical insertion of pins and a plate to repair.
  • Ms. Davidson was knocked down and suffered a concussion.
  • The women were helped out of danger by two other women who attended the concert before the Fire Department arrived to take them to the hospital.

In their lawsuit, the two injured women allege Beyonce, Live Nation, and the United Center failed to provide adequate security and safety for concert-goers attending the event.

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