A car with its front bumper hanging off due to an accident.

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Car Accident Near 5288 Western Plains Ave in Abilene

The driver of a black 2008 Jeep tried to pass a silver 2010 Chrysler on a road with insufficient clearance and sideswiped the inattentive driver of that vehicle near 5288 Western Plains Ave in Abilene Mon Oct 5 Around 5:58 PM. Abilene Police responded to the scene and determined that the driver of the Chrysler’s inattention and the Jeep’s attempt to pass on a road too narrow contributed equally to the pass. Weather conditions were clear and no one was injured.

Accident Details:

  • Date/Time: Monday, October 5th, 2020 at 5:58 PM.
  • Fatalities: No fatalities were reported.
  • Injuries: No injuries were reported.
  • Vehicles Involved: 2
  • Vehicle 1: Black 2008 Jeep
  • Vehicle 2: Silver 2010 Chrysler
  • At Fault: Both drivers were found at fault
  • Location: 5288 Western Plains Ave, Abilene, TX

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