A multi-car pileup.

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Multi-Car Accident near 3998 N 1st St in Abilene

The inattentive and uninsured driver of a Gray 2006 Ford caused a four-car pile-up near 3998 N 1st St in Abilene Monday, Jan 11, just after noon when she disregarded a stop and go signal and collided with a gray 2005 Nissan, a brown 2015 Chevrolet and one other car. Abilene police responded to the scene and determined that the driver of the Ford was solely at fault for the accident. Weather Conditions were clear and no one was injured.

Accident Details:

  • Date/Time: Monday, January 11th, 2020 at 12:14 PM.
  • Fatalities: No fatalities were reported.
  • Injuries: No injuries were reported
  • Vehicles Involved: 4
  • Vehicle 1: Gray 2006 Ford
  • Vehicle 2: Gray 2005 Nissan
  • Vehicle 3: Brown 2015 Chevrolet
  • Vehicle 4: Not Recorded
  • At Fault: Vehicle 1
  • Location: 3998 N 1st St, Abilene, TX

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