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Car Accident near 7881 U.S. 83, Abilene, TX

The driver of a gray 2019 Chevrolet was tailgating a black 2015 Ford near 7881 U.S. 83 in Abilene Thursday, Feb 25, when he rear-ended the car. Abilene Police responded to the scene and determined that the driver of the Chevrolet was at fault. Cloudy weather conditions may have been a factor in the accident. No one was injured.

Accident Details:

  • Date/Time: Thursday, February 25th, 2020 at 8:52 AM.
  • Fatalities: No fatalities were reported.
  • Injuries: No injuries were reported.
  • Vehicles Involved: 2
  • Vehicle 1: Gray 2019 Chevrolet
  • Vehicle 2: Black 2015 Ford
  • At Fault: Vehicle 1
  • Location: 7881 U.S. 83, Abilene, TX

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