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Semi Truck Accident near 12901 South Coulter Street in Amarillo

The driver of a blue 2017 Hyundai collided with a white 2019 Peterbilt Tractor Trailer and one other car while attempting to pass in a no-passing lane Monday, August 3 around 7:15 pm near 12901 South Coulter Street in Amarillo. Texas Department of Public Safety Officers responded to the scene and determined the driver of the Hyundai was at fault. Weather conditions were clear and no one was injured.

Accident Details:

  • Date/Time: Monday, August 3rd, 2020 at 7:15 PM
  • Fatalities: No fatalities reported.
  • Injuries: No injuries reported.
  • Vehicles Involved: 3
  • Vehicle 1: Blue 2017 Hyundai
  • Vehicle 2: White 2019 Peterbilt Tractor Trailer
  • Vehicle 3:  Not Recorded
  • At Fault: Vehicle 1
  • Location: 2901 South Coulter Street in Amarillo, Tx

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